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Interior Concrete coating

Carefree, Arizona (and surrounding areas)

Whether you have bare concrete, faded faux flagstone, or damaged stamped concrete, we can fix that. We apply industrial strength concrete stain to improve existing concrete surfaces. We include the prep, paint, and seal! Call us to freshen up your dull patio, update your concrete walkway, and more!

interior flooring paint arizona

Tons of options

Restore your existing interior floor paint or do something dramatically different to your home, office, or restaurant floor with brand new floor paint.

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Improve your home

We can remove existing tile and transform your interior floor into something spectacular and unique.

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Remove your old floors

We will tear out your old floors and install a beautiful new floor that you will love!


It is a process used to smooth out concrete surfaces. Rather than remove and pour a new concrete slab, microtopping includes laying a thin layer of concrete that provides for a balanced, even coating that can be painted and sealed.

We recommend waxing every 2-4 years.

While our interior paint and seal is durable, it may show some wear over time. It is recommended that interior floor paint be treated like real hardwood floors. Prevent scratching from furniture and sharp footwear, for example.

Mop as you normally would any floor.

24 hours.  

72 hours.  

We do. However, we cannot guarantee the crack will not return. We do help remove the viability of the crack which dramatically improves the appearance of your floor!

It is a matter of personal preference, but most of our interior floor paint customers are interested in something different than what their neighbors have.

“We love our new garage floor! Carefree Stone didn’t rush through the job, but weren’t slow either. They took the time to educate me on the different options and I decided to go with full flake epoxy flooring. It’s beautiful! My neighbor used Carefree Stone after seeing what a good job they did on my garage floor. Thank you!”
Greg M.

Need our flooring services?

If you would like a free consultation, please fill out this form and someone will reach out to you shortly.  You can also call us at (602) 867-0867 to speak with someone about our services.  Thank you for contacting Carefree Stone of Scottsdale! 

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