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We prep, repaint, and reseal old, faded, chipped, cracked, flaky, patchy kool decks.

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We also install brand new kool decks!

Keep cool with Kool Deck!

Choose from various high-grade paint colors to match your taste. Select from two different levels of deck paint: high-grade cool deck paint or high-grade reflective paint (up to 30 degrees cooler)

kool deck in arizona

The Best Experience Ever

We recently had our patio and walkway covered with “Pebble Stone & Sealer” and were amazed at how great it looks.  We will be doing our driveway with “Epoxy Paint & Sealer” soon.  Jen and Jeff at Carefree Stone are great to work with, you will be pleased.
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Do you install cool deck?

Yes, we do!

What kind of cool deck paint is used?

Our customers can choose from 2 different types of cool deck paint: regular-industrial (various colors) OR heat-reflective industrial that keeps kool decks cooler by up to 30 degrees.

How long does it take to make my cool deck look like new?

It takes approximately 1-3 days to update your cool deck depending on the current condition. Various steps are involved and are all dependent on your needs.

Can large cracks and patches be repaired?

Of course!

How is cool deck paint applied?

We roll on cool deck paint with a thick nap roller for even coverage. We prefer this method over the spray-on method simply because the roller solution is the best and provides the highest quality of service.

How long before I can walk on my new cool deck?

After we seal, our customers must wait 24 hours to walk and replace furniture onto the cool deck.

It it called Kool Deck or Cool Deck?

Actually, it is called Lace Deck. People know this product to be called Kool Deck and Cool Deck, but the new way of applying this “look” is by lacing the deck. The old way of applying this textured coating was, indeed, referred to as “Kool Deck.”

Is the IR-Reflective deck paint REALLY cooler?

YES! The IR-reflective coating is formulated to reflect the sun’s infra red rays and lab tests prove that IR-Reflective paint exhibits cooler surface temperatures than standards non-IR-reflective coating of the same color.

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